Thursday, February 4, 2010


Picture a smart 40ish Caucasian man with a white linen shirt, khaki bermudas and a hat like this. Now, picture him at a traffic light junction at Marine Parade(heart land).

I was driving pass the other day and I saw this man. He was really cool ! The best thing is that he made me feel like I'm in Australia or any European country. He made me feel like my estate is Holland Village.

Then the next day, I saw a lady with a toddler and a pram. She was wearing a hat similar to this. Not to mention another old lady who alighted from a bus with her helper.
I think people are getting used to wearing hats in Singapore. Aren't that cool??

Okay, this is my version of my hat. It even has a feather.
This is at a recent wedding in Sydney. I'm only adventurous in a foreign country where hat is more a normal.

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Just Me. said...

At every Eurasian birthday/wedding or any occasion in Singapore, you'd see Eurasian ladies wear hats. But I guess the younger generation don't do that anymore.

But think the weather here in Australia makes it mandatory to wear hats during summer and winter. And of course, you'd have the Spring season which makes it all the more fun!

ps you look great in your hat. Good ah, got baby can travel!