Monday, September 19, 2011

noo good

everything is no good nowadays.

in Da's eyes, everything is no good. her food, our music, our choice of TV programs and after we give her.

eat your porride => NOO GOOD. and she will push the feeding hand away. as if not enough, she will stand up to me and push my hand till I get the message and retract my hand.

in the car, playing my radio station => NOO GOOD 'mu-sik', NOO GOOD, NOO GOOD, mu-sik(she wants her children songs).

daddy watching golf => NOO GOOD, NOO GOOD(waving her hand) and she will walk over and switch off the TV. To that, mummy went 'wahahahha' and daddy trying to keep a straight face and trying not to laugh.

Our Princess is talking and expressing herself. Well done!!!!


my mother-in-law did some investigation when she sent Da back to the gym. Apparently, she did scratch the teacher's face but they didn't really punish her. They just spoke to her and take her out of the group. Da just decided to remain by herself, outside of the group.

I don't know that was just it but I don't care now.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sitting in a corner.

8th of August

Da got punished. My helper(Ann) went to fetch Da from the gym school and found Da quietly sitting in a corner by herself. Ann said that Da seems to know that she has done something wrong. Ann gathered from the teacher and found out that Da scratched the teacher’s face.

That was all I gathered. I don’t want to be those parents who can’t let anyone punish their child. The child needs discipline sometimes. After all, isn’t it better for someone else to do it? I don’t have to play bad cop all the time.

However, that didn’t stop me from wondering if Da was too young to be punished and I did feel sorry that she had to sit in a corner. I also didn’t want to think that Ada will scratch anyone’s face. She scratched our faces before but she had accidentally done it. We know we have to be defensive when we handle young children. Ann did say that the teacher was new. Hmmm. Could the accident been avoided if she has been more experienced in handling a child? Could she have avoided being scratched?

I know someone else will be keen to investigate further why her precious (grand-daughter) was punished.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Practice makes perfect

I need to update the blog more often because Ada has a follower who just moved to London and she is still tracking A's milestones.

This was shot in July when she was 22 months old. She mastered it after some practice when she was 21 months old. Not bad for a 22 months old. She learnt to balance. We still need to practice more with her and she will do better. So, she says 'scooter' pretty well.

Saturday, June 18, 2011


She is slowly uttering words. I've read somewhere that they should have a vocabulary of 50 words by the time they are 2.
Let's count!
I don't care if she's slow. As long as she has 50 words, I can proudly say YES
when the nurse/doctor ask the next time and I don't have to worry that they will send her for speech therapy.
The fact that I said, 'Let's count!' implied that A had been repeating after us in the last couple of weeks.

So here are the 27 words and we are counting.
Let's count together! We have another 3 months before she turns two.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

with cousin(s)

Sometimes, I miss my childhood.
Those days when 7 cousins stayed in the apartment about my parents' coffeeshop.
Sometimes, there were more of us when other cousins came and visited.
We played, fought, bathed, formed alliances and bully the cry baby in the group.
Cry baby came only once in a while from Australia, to visit. ha.
Cry baby has a sister who liked to pinch us but very adorable.

Naturally, I wish my little one to have her cousins to play with.
Now that she's older, she is really playing with her older cousin, E, who loves company.

Here, they were watching Barney. Guess A just followed what E did and climbed onto the bed while the adults were busy.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

We have a Third Party

We gone through the 7-year itch and we had Ada. Sorry, anti-climax.

Now that we are in the 8th year of our marriage, Ada is now the 3rd party in the bedroom.

It all started when she fell sick and instead of having to run down the stairs to her room, we let her sleep with us. So, she slept on the mattress beside our bed.
Then, her air condition broke down. We extended her stay in our room.

She went back to sleeping in her room but if she knows that I am going to put her to bed, she will hold her comfort toy in one arm, wave goodbye to her grandmother and tug my hand to bring me upstairs to my room. There's never a chance to reject her and cause her disappointment.

Yesterday, Daddy gave up after trying to put Da to sleep for 45 mins. He carried her up to the room. She ran across the room, headed straight to the bay window and attempted to pull the mattress down to make her own bed. Thereafter, she followed instructions to bring down her pillows and blanket from the bay windows and said, 'okie', waiting for me to finish my last Whatapps to my bedtime friends.

She slept soundly after 15 mins, in our bed eventually.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Speech therapy

Today, I had speech therapy. Not that I went for speech therapy but I was given given 'speech therepy'. Because Ada spoke! I felt a sense of relief straightaway. it means she doesn't need early intervention, as the nurse in the poly clinic suggested.

My SIL identified that Da spoke on Sunday when she was poking daddy and go 'PA PA, PA PA, PA PA'. 'There! She's speaking!! Look, she has started speaking that's what speaking is about', said my SIL.

'orh, is it??'

This morning, as I was arranging her shoes at the door, she said, 'Put dare(there)'.
Yes, put there, I said.

'tok tok (toe toe)' and patted her toes.
yes, toes, baby, clever girl.

the nanny went, 'say bye to mommy'.
'bae bae'
bye bye, baby.

so, that's speech therapy for me.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Her favourite smelly

This is Da and her mate. The rabbit I had since I was 15 and seldom played with.
The rabbit has a second life, we always say.
We wash the rabbit often. We will steal it from her in the morning, often while she is sleeping and then put it to dry.
It must be returned to her at night. Or else, she will miss it. Or, she will wake up in the middle of the night, feeling lost.
Here's a clip whereby I captured her with rabbit and her reading the newspaper which I hope she will keep up with when she's older. Don't be like mommy because I hate reading the newspaper. It's so boring.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hort Park

6th March. 17.5 months old.
She was having a cold but we thought that she needed some sun and we went to Hort Park!
Somewhere I wanted to go for the longest time.
It's beautiful and has got many slides and playground.
She sweat it out and she tried to navigate the slides herself. I think she was on familiar ground as she goes to the children gym so often.
Mommy and Daddy had fun too cos we needed the sun too.
Our girl, so big now. Only one lovely picture because mommy forgotten to bring the camera.
Let's go to Hort Park again.