Friday, June 15, 2012


13th April 2012
Last day at work.

It was work and more work towards the last day of work. No time to say bye to everyone at work.
Did I feel happy to leave work?
Yes but I wasn't at a stage of relief because I knew that it will be challenging to be a SAHM.
I still had occupational issues after I left work in the first week of leaving the Bank. 'Oh, I didn't complete that' , 'Oh, I didn't had time to handover that' and 'I wonder if the countries are doing okay with me'.

First week with my 2.5 year old was busy. I was doing house improvements.
Eventually, I fell sick after 2 weeks. So much for being a SAHM.

However, good thing was whenever I asked my girl if mummy can go back to work. She said, 'No'.

Missing the laughter at work but not the work.