Monday, August 16, 2010

11th month old

Today, she's 11 months old. :-)

I was busy the whole day, with her.
And only now, I'm abit emotional that she's 11 months old ALREADY! is it due to the glass of wine I'm having??
I thought I forgotten to take a picture of her on her 11th month old and I remember this picture which I took of her at Pete's place, chewing on a bread stick. With that, my helper and I can take a break and enjoy our hot pizza.
I remember telling the helper, "Quick Anna, let's eat NOW!" haha. And then, we chomp our food down.
I managed to take a picture so that we can send Daddy a mms.
We order the birthday cake and book the birthday venue. Now, we just have to pray for good weather, if God allows on the Sunday, 12th of September 2010 @ 3pm. Can I do cloud seeding at Marine Parade??
Actual birthday is on the 1 6th September and same day as our MM. Hmmm, is Ada going to be as bright as him? I know Ada is as fair as him. wahahaha

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Hi There.
Sorry, I haven't been around much. But I will be soon. Updating as usual. Stay tune.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I didn't cry the first time, 4 months ago. I'm referring to the first time baby A had her sedative drug. The nurse had to force feed her and she was wailing. This is the drug which she has to take before the cardiac scan.
Last Thursday was a follow up to check that the 2 tiny holes have more or less closed up. I dread putting her through the scan so soon but due to her sleeping habit(extra long hours), I was worried that it has got something to do with the holes in the heart .

This time, she was wailing very badly and looked like she was going into fits. A look at the syringe, I saw that there's still half a syringe of drug to administer. That's when I couldn't hold my tears anymore. I was tearing badly now, in the clinic full of parents and children. And there's no one with me, just myself and the baby. I had to use the tissue which I'm suppose to clean her mouth with, to wipe away my tears.

I was pretty embarrassed for crying. But the crying made me realised that I've bond with the baby. The experience at the clinic was very emotional draining. After we left the clinic, I was traumatised and couldn't stop worrying about her. She slept for another 5 hours. The holes in the heart have more or less closed up and there's only a gap which we will follow up when she's 1 yr old.

Next time, I will make sure that hubby witness it too.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Picture a smart 40ish Caucasian man with a white linen shirt, khaki bermudas and a hat like this. Now, picture him at a traffic light junction at Marine Parade(heart land).

I was driving pass the other day and I saw this man. He was really cool ! The best thing is that he made me feel like I'm in Australia or any European country. He made me feel like my estate is Holland Village.

Then the next day, I saw a lady with a toddler and a pram. She was wearing a hat similar to this. Not to mention another old lady who alighted from a bus with her helper.
I think people are getting used to wearing hats in Singapore. Aren't that cool??

Okay, this is my version of my hat. It even has a feather.
This is at a recent wedding in Sydney. I'm only adventurous in a foreign country where hat is more a normal.

Friday, January 29, 2010


She's happy. I'm happy.
She's 20 weeks but looks older than that because she's quite chubby.
Although with no double eyelids, she's still quite adorable.

I realised that she can sit upright yesterday and decided to quickly snap a few pictures. She can't turn yet and I wonder if I should help her or let her take her time. Because once she starts turning, there's another set of worries.

We have moved her back into our room so that she can enjoy the air conditioning. With the air conditioning, she missed her first feed at 7am and sleep to as late as 9pm. Mind you, she hits the sack at 9-10pm. Every time, I think of that, I'm reminded of how blessed I am. That I can still sleep in with a new born. Thank God!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hmmm...what a new start

A new start, a new beginning.

Today, I start anew with new postings! Gone with the old and come the new!

If you are out there and will be following me. Feel free to drop a note and say hi!