Thursday, March 17, 2011

Speech therapy

Today, I had speech therapy. Not that I went for speech therapy but I was given given 'speech therepy'. Because Ada spoke! I felt a sense of relief straightaway. it means she doesn't need early intervention, as the nurse in the poly clinic suggested.

My SIL identified that Da spoke on Sunday when she was poking daddy and go 'PA PA, PA PA, PA PA'. 'There! She's speaking!! Look, she has started speaking that's what speaking is about', said my SIL.

'orh, is it??'

This morning, as I was arranging her shoes at the door, she said, 'Put dare(there)'.
Yes, put there, I said.

'tok tok (toe toe)' and patted her toes.
yes, toes, baby, clever girl.

the nanny went, 'say bye to mommy'.
'bae bae'
bye bye, baby.

so, that's speech therapy for me.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Her favourite smelly

This is Da and her mate. The rabbit I had since I was 15 and seldom played with.
The rabbit has a second life, we always say.
We wash the rabbit often. We will steal it from her in the morning, often while she is sleeping and then put it to dry.
It must be returned to her at night. Or else, she will miss it. Or, she will wake up in the middle of the night, feeling lost.
Here's a clip whereby I captured her with rabbit and her reading the newspaper which I hope she will keep up with when she's older. Don't be like mommy because I hate reading the newspaper. It's so boring.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hort Park

6th March. 17.5 months old.
She was having a cold but we thought that she needed some sun and we went to Hort Park!
Somewhere I wanted to go for the longest time.
It's beautiful and has got many slides and playground.
She sweat it out and she tried to navigate the slides herself. I think she was on familiar ground as she goes to the children gym so often.
Mommy and Daddy had fun too cos we needed the sun too.
Our girl, so big now. Only one lovely picture because mommy forgotten to bring the camera.
Let's go to Hort Park again.