Monday, August 16, 2010

11th month old

Today, she's 11 months old. :-)

I was busy the whole day, with her.
And only now, I'm abit emotional that she's 11 months old ALREADY! is it due to the glass of wine I'm having??
I thought I forgotten to take a picture of her on her 11th month old and I remember this picture which I took of her at Pete's place, chewing on a bread stick. With that, my helper and I can take a break and enjoy our hot pizza.
I remember telling the helper, "Quick Anna, let's eat NOW!" haha. And then, we chomp our food down.
I managed to take a picture so that we can send Daddy a mms.
We order the birthday cake and book the birthday venue. Now, we just have to pray for good weather, if God allows on the Sunday, 12th of September 2010 @ 3pm. Can I do cloud seeding at Marine Parade??
Actual birthday is on the 1 6th September and same day as our MM. Hmmm, is Ada going to be as bright as him? I know Ada is as fair as him. wahahaha