Sunday, April 10, 2011

We have a Third Party

We gone through the 7-year itch and we had Ada. Sorry, anti-climax.

Now that we are in the 8th year of our marriage, Ada is now the 3rd party in the bedroom.

It all started when she fell sick and instead of having to run down the stairs to her room, we let her sleep with us. So, she slept on the mattress beside our bed.
Then, her air condition broke down. We extended her stay in our room.

She went back to sleeping in her room but if she knows that I am going to put her to bed, she will hold her comfort toy in one arm, wave goodbye to her grandmother and tug my hand to bring me upstairs to my room. There's never a chance to reject her and cause her disappointment.

Yesterday, Daddy gave up after trying to put Da to sleep for 45 mins. He carried her up to the room. She ran across the room, headed straight to the bay window and attempted to pull the mattress down to make her own bed. Thereafter, she followed instructions to bring down her pillows and blanket from the bay windows and said, 'okie', waiting for me to finish my last Whatapps to my bedtime friends.

She slept soundly after 15 mins, in our bed eventually.