Monday, September 19, 2011

noo good

everything is no good nowadays.

in Da's eyes, everything is no good. her food, our music, our choice of TV programs and after we give her.

eat your porride => NOO GOOD. and she will push the feeding hand away. as if not enough, she will stand up to me and push my hand till I get the message and retract my hand.

in the car, playing my radio station => NOO GOOD 'mu-sik', NOO GOOD, NOO GOOD, mu-sik(she wants her children songs).

daddy watching golf => NOO GOOD, NOO GOOD(waving her hand) and she will walk over and switch off the TV. To that, mummy went 'wahahahha' and daddy trying to keep a straight face and trying not to laugh.

Our Princess is talking and expressing herself. Well done!!!!


my mother-in-law did some investigation when she sent Da back to the gym. Apparently, she did scratch the teacher's face but they didn't really punish her. They just spoke to her and take her out of the group. Da just decided to remain by herself, outside of the group.

I don't know that was just it but I don't care now.