Thursday, March 17, 2011

Speech therapy

Today, I had speech therapy. Not that I went for speech therapy but I was given given 'speech therepy'. Because Ada spoke! I felt a sense of relief straightaway. it means she doesn't need early intervention, as the nurse in the poly clinic suggested.

My SIL identified that Da spoke on Sunday when she was poking daddy and go 'PA PA, PA PA, PA PA'. 'There! She's speaking!! Look, she has started speaking that's what speaking is about', said my SIL.

'orh, is it??'

This morning, as I was arranging her shoes at the door, she said, 'Put dare(there)'.
Yes, put there, I said.

'tok tok (toe toe)' and patted her toes.
yes, toes, baby, clever girl.

the nanny went, 'say bye to mommy'.
'bae bae'
bye bye, baby.

so, that's speech therapy for me.

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asghaneshgrows said...

It was speech therapy indeed for mummy's soul:). Ada is going to be a fine talker like her mummy and daddy. Hope you are keeping the video camera on standby to capture her speeches.