Thursday, August 30, 2012

How did I do it?

What did I do to make him sleep through?
Nothing really. I thought the day will never come too. Marc is just more difficult than Da.
With Da, she slept through on her own and I didn't had to manipulate her sleeping habit or feeding time.

However, I guess letting them sleep alone helps. When we are not disturbed by the baby, we don't jump up the moment they cry. Babies make alot of noise when they sleep.

I didn't let him cry because the whole condominium would have woken up. I slept with him on the last few nights before he slept through. I kept giving him the pacifier and teach him how to go back to sleep. That's how I moved the 2 feeds at 1am and 4am to 11pm and 6am.

With 2 children sleeping through, many asked me how I did it. Maybe I've done something right, maybe I am just lucky.

With Marc, I did try a few things and also manipulated his feeds though it was only in a matter of 1 week. First, I dream feed him at 11pm so that I can move his 1am feed to 3am. When I successfully moved it to 3am, I will give him the pacifier which will help him to go back to his sleep till 5am-6am. Once Marc did it the first night, he realised he likes sleeping more than waking up for feeds and didn't wake up anymore unless the mosquitoes are buzzing around!

Lucky me.

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I Believe in Miracles said...

YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations. It's awesome to hear this update from you.