Thursday, August 30, 2012

New addition!

Sorry, this is way overdue but 2 months of late nights, duties of feeding twice and changing diapers really got into me. In addition, I had to keep the older one occupied during the day. It's amazing I didn't fall sick at all! I used to have bad throat when I travelled and worked late.

Yes, new addition. Marc, my number 2! Number one, Da, was truly happy and loved Marc the moment she met him. It's like we handed her the Barbie doll!

Marc is very different from Da. He cries very loudly, colicky every evening, doesn't like bathing, poo at night and is a light sleeper. So, we had a harder time with him. However, I survived! He got better after 2 months and since then, slept through! Yay!

5 days old and so small.

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