Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sitting in a corner.

8th of August

Da got punished. My helper(Ann) went to fetch Da from the gym school and found Da quietly sitting in a corner by herself. Ann said that Da seems to know that she has done something wrong. Ann gathered from the teacher and found out that Da scratched the teacher’s face.

That was all I gathered. I don’t want to be those parents who can’t let anyone punish their child. The child needs discipline sometimes. After all, isn’t it better for someone else to do it? I don’t have to play bad cop all the time.

However, that didn’t stop me from wondering if Da was too young to be punished and I did feel sorry that she had to sit in a corner. I also didn’t want to think that Ada will scratch anyone’s face. She scratched our faces before but she had accidentally done it. We know we have to be defensive when we handle young children. Ann did say that the teacher was new. Hmmm. Could the accident been avoided if she has been more experienced in handling a child? Could she have avoided being scratched?

I know someone else will be keen to investigate further why her precious (grand-daughter) was punished.


Just Me. said...

poor baby..

but understand your heartache.


Anonymous said...

I would be keen as well...scratching can be accidental. I don't see why Da should be put to sit in a corner because of this, esp since she is so young. How long was she put in the corner? I would ask to see what measures were taken before she was put in a corner, e.g. was there a warning and Da scratched the teacher again.

You are a protective mum, speaking up for your child and definitely not the complaining type. Hugs...